Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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What Is Infrared?

Infrared is light naturally produced by the sun. As part of the sun's invisible spectrum, far infrared light is a form of thermal energy. This is the warmth you feel penetrate your skin when you are outside in the sun.

Far infrared light should not be confused with ultraviolet light which causes sunburn and damage to your skin. Far infrared does not cause sunburn or skin damage.

How Does Infrared Work?

All surfaces radiate far infrared as a function of surface temperature. The body gives off far infrared in the form of body heat.

Infrared energy is measured in wavelengths called microns. The human body best absorbs infrared thermal energy within the 3- to 50-micron range, with optimum absorption occurring at 9.4 microns.

Far Infrared heat is a healthy, natural and safe therapy for all living things.

Where is Infrared Technology Used?

Infrared heat therapy garments has proven to be a highly effective treatment for pain relief. Health professionals have used red infrared heat lamps for many years to treat wounds, muscle and joint ailments. Hospitals make use of infrared heating systems and therapy lamps in their maternity and baby care units.

Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Far Infrared Thermal Rays elevate the heart rate and improve blood circulation which are both crucial to maintaining good health. The heart rate increases as increased blood flow is diverted from the inner organs toward the extremities of the skin without elevating blood pressure.

More portable than far infrared saunas, far infrared therapy clothes are a safe, easy to use and effective alternative medicine for arthritis pain, raynaud's disease, rheumatism and tendinitis.

Far infrared therapy garments include compressive joint supports, therapy gloves, therapy socks and orthotics. Far infrared therapy is non-toxic, making it a safe therapeutic treatment for fast pain relief.


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