Monday, May 7, 2012

Dream Car - Ultimate Driving Machine

RHB Auto Bavaria Sg. Besi Experience Days: test drive the latest BMW range including the all-new BMW 3series BMW 3 Series 

Test Drive Reviews...

  • Steering is nicely balanced, able to point the car straight ahead without lots of small corrections that some vehicles demand, and quite responsive when you turn the wheel. Makes it easy to accurately place the car in a tight corner, staying in your lane without panic.
  • Brakes have a reassuring feel, neither spongy nor artificially boosted.
  • A "sport" setting on a console switch makes the throttle more responsive, among other tweaks. It was very useful in stop-lurch traffic because it eased the task of moving off smoothly while engaging the clutch.
  • Seats are quite comfortable, though the back bench is low, forcing long-legged riders to jackknife their legs.
  • Evolved iDrive infotainment control knob on the console seems now to let you do what you want pretty easily and without digging through daunting layers of menus and options.
This is a car that will make you fall in love with it once you have test-driven it. If  you own an older 3-series, it's time for you to get the new one. For those of you who have never driven one, it's time for you to do so. You'll be amaze by how well the car handle and the trill that money can't buy yet BMW can offer you just that. BEWARE, once you have tried driving a BMW, you might start to complain about all the other cars. 

Power, performance, luxury, and comfort, which defines your lifestyle


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