Thursday, March 27, 2014

Premium Beautiful Elegance

New Innovation of Premium Beautiful Elegance

Unique features of this new set:

* Charming gray color.
* A softer fabric.
* Design is more beautiful.
* The front lace converted into embroidery lace with more elegant lace pattern.
* All benefits such as fat reposition, FIR, body reshaping are still the same

New Innovation

* Gradually enhances body shape while maintaining excellent figure
* The unique 360 stretchable fabric allows free movement that is highly suitable
   for today's modern
*  Lightweight and highly stretchable fabric allows excellent air ventilation and heat
*  This innovation elegant design woven with far-infra-red ray promotes better 
    blood circulation while shaping the body effectively.

For Premium Beautiful Elegance price and promo just call/sms/whatsapp Eija.

Eija 0195086688


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