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Premium Beautiful is made from a very soft material that you won't feel it on your body. It is made from 2 special fabric, akwatek and akwadyn. Different from other corsets in the market, Premium Beautiful is stretchable and it follows the wearer's body movement. We call that the 360 degree stretch.

Premium Beautiful consits of 3 different pieces - Long BraWaist Nipper and Long Girdle.

Long bra will hold your breast and pushes it the original position. It has a special 3-piece dimensional cup that gives a perfect breast shape. It will also repositioned fat around the chest and the back.

Waist Nipper will straighten the spine and improve one's posture. Similar to long bra, waist nipper will repositioned the fat around the tummy area that gives a flat tummy.

Long Girdle improves blood circulation around the vaginal area. It holds the uterus firmly and helps to eliminate period pain and discharge.

One exceptional quality of Premium Beautiful, is that Far Infra Red (FIR) is built into it. FIR is sewn into the corset, giving health benefits to the wearer. Some of FIR benefits are:
  • Improves blood circulation - this improves oxygen circulation in our body as blood carries the oxygen.
  • Burn calories - you can burn fat, even without any movement, while wearing Premium Beautiful.
Some of the stories from the ladies who have been wearing this corset:

Zara, a teacher and a blogger, reduces her menstrual pain after wearing Premium Beautiful for 2 weeks. Before this, she has to take pain killers during period.
Shida, has been wearing Premium Beautiful for 6 years, and able to maintain her body shape, even after delivering 5 kids.
Mai, has been wearing Premium Beautiful before marriage. She is still wearing her corset, she never had streach marks after delivery.

Premium Beautiful reposition your body fat, therefore you have a firmer body and prevents flabbiness.

Premium Beautiful is also good to maintain your body posture. There are 7 pieces of alloy steel built into the waist nipper. It will hold your back to the correct position. It will help people who is suffering from slipped disc or can prevent the illness.

This corset has been in the market for 20 years and has benefitted many women out there. All women should have one (or two) in their wardrobe.

For more information about Premium Beautiful or promotional price contact,

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